Best coffee grinder under 100

Top 10 Best Coffee Grinder Under $100 With Reviews & Guide

Choosing the best coffee grinder under 100 isn’t a big task if you get the right guidelines. Today I’ll describe here the ins and outs of making your choice budget-friendly as well as useful for your daily tasks while choosing the right one. 

If you’re still looking for the proper guidelines regarding this topic, then I prescribe you to read this article thoroughly. Coffee is a popular drink that modern people love to have to have regularly. Coffee lovers do not like to live a day without having a single cup of coffee at least. But all kinds of grinders are not equal in work efficiency as well as budget-friendly.

There is a wide range of options available on the market; it’s tricky to sort them out. We’ve compiled a list of the best coffee grinders that prices are less than $100. It would be best if you read through all of the selected product reviews below with their pros and cons before you buy the one grinder.

Top 10 Best Coffee Grinders Under 100 -Reviews:

You have an idea of why a coffee grinder is one of the most common appliances in most coffee lover’s kitchens. According to the customer reviews and the test results, we’ve picked up the top 10 best coffee grinders under 100 bucks. 

Bretani Manual Coffee Grinder:

This Britain is an acceptable option as a manual coffee grinder for within a friendly budget. This device boasts a sleek exterior, which makes it more expensive than it is. This model design has 18 adjustable grinding settings that allow us to set the grinding level according to our test preferences. 

Therefore, we can taste an exquisite cup of coffee using the same grinding feature. Moreover, this version comes with a stainless-steel exterior that looks notably sleek on a kitchen counter. This grinder is exceptionally portable and slim, even comes with a stylish drawstring bag that suits travel. 

You may notice that it has a complimentary cleaning brush that is very convenient for cleaning small and hard-to-reach places inside the Burr. It ensures that the coffee grinder doesn’t take on any unnecessary wear and tear. 

Though the Bretani manual grinder looks slightly smaller than the Hand-ground models, it works very efficiently and is ideal for those who only drink a few cups of coffee in a day. You may get it as a more durable machine rather than other more expensive manual coffee grinders. However, if you’re looking for a manual coffee grinder at an affordable price, the Bretani model is a great starter product. 


  • It comes with a ceramic burr that has two layers of optimal grinding. 
  • This model has 18 adjustable grinding levels, which offer a different taste of flavors.
  • You’ll get a handy complimentary brush, and it’s suitable for treks and camping. 


  • This machine may create a bit noisy environment while grinding.
  • It requires some formidable force to turn on the crank.


COMSOON Manual Coffee Grinder:

The Comsoon is a fantastic manual coffee grinder that comes with ceramic conical stainless steel. The most memorable part of this device is an adjustable grinding option. Turning on the grinding selector clockwise or counterclockwise, this coffee mill will provide you with precise grinding control with the exact coffee brewing. 

This device offers any brewing methods like cold brew, French press, pour-over, drip grind, etc., with significant power over from coarse to fine powder. This manual grinder design with a partial visual base helps us observe and control the coffee powder capacity better. The ceramic conical Burr makes the grinding process more detailed, as well as the powder more exceptional. 

It can also avoid overheating during the grinding process and maintains the unmistakable aroma for a better coffee flavor with rich tastes. This manual grinder is easy to carry because it weighs only 10.5 oz, designed with a foldable handle that is ultra-compact. Therefore, you may take it wherever you want to take it, like camping, traveling, and hiking, even on a business trip. That’s why you may consider it as the best coffee grinder under $100


  • Adjustable unique grind selector.
  • This machine is light in weight and easy to carry.
  • Eco-friendly with the noiseless feature.


  • It may create difficulties while adjusting the coarseness. 
  • You may have to place something rough underneath of it to maintain the steady. 


JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder:

The JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is popular among coffee lovers for its attractive look, compact design, and light hand that easily suits your backpacks. You may get it at a very affordable price at $53.75 that every coffee lover would love to own. 

This machine’s unit comprises different parts are; the top main body where coffee beans take into, the bottom jar collection, the hand crack, and the lid. For example, if you taste different flavors of coffee every day, then choosing this model would be a great choice because it comes with unusual 18 different coarseness settings that work for this kind of service. 

Furthermore, it requires minimal effort to provide your desired coffee brew. This model is light in weight and is 266.49 Grams, and the dimensions are 4.57 x 19.05 x 4.57 cm. 


  • It has impressive 18 different coffee brewing options that offer different tastes of coffee.
  • Portable and light in weight. 
  • Design with stainless and lightweight design.
  • This device is convenient for dismantling the cleaning process.


  • This manual grinder isn’t able to provide quality grinding consistently.
  • The conical Burr inside of the window isn’t sturdy. 


VEVOK CHEF Manual Coffee Grinder:

The VEVOK CHEF is a manual and another premium coffee grinder version ideal for a frequent traveler. It costs a bit more but is a highly rated grinder across the board and popular among coffee lovers. This device decorates with stainless steel burrs that offer an AeroPress result. 

Therefore, it would make a great travel grinder and a simple manual home grinder as well. With a glass container feature, it’s the ability to hold nearly 48 grams of ground coffee. But the stainless-steel burrs ensure the longevity that makes it a worthy investment. This device comprises premium materials, and the handle is very convenient to operate. 

You may set it without listening to the clicks with six adjustable settings to choose from the selector. Using this device, you may prepare for any French Press, Espresso type of coffee you want. Besides, it maintains the quality grinding covered with a lifetime warranty. For this reason, this device is the best burr coffee grinder under $100 overall. 


  • Eco-friendly and premium materials.
  • Convenient handle that is easy to operate.
  • Lifetime warranty coverage.


  • This machine is small in size and unable to hold much coffee.
  • The adjustable ring doesn’t fit in a proper way that may create issues while working. 


Meg & Mello Manual Burr Coffee Grinder:

The Meg & Mello Manual coffee grinder comes with a stylish external shape that enhances your dining look. You know the quality of coffee solely depends on the perfection of the grinds. So, in this regard, this device works better rather than other manual coffee grinders. 

This model comes with a ceramic conical burr that offers infinite adjustable features. Therefore, you may grind your coffee beans according to your taste or preferences. This version will provide you different kinds of coffee such as; drip, pour-over, French Press, Percolator, Cold Brew, Espresso, Turkish even any other between these items with a perfect taste. 

You’ll get a measuring spoon with this gadget for a better user experience. We recommend taking two tablespoons of grind for every single cup of coffee with 2-ounce of water. 


  • It offers 15 adjustable settings for grinding.
  • This machine can brew different tastes of coffee.
  • Design with conical burr mill design with a triple mounter axle.


  • The gears could potentially go down due to excessive usage.



HEIHOX Hand Coffee Grinder:

The HEIHOX manual grinder version is the best manual coffee grinder under 100, even though it is our most expensive pick. It comes with a stainless-steel burr grinder with high-end aluminum material but also with great value. People love it for its stylish outlook as well as built-in coarseness option. 

It has 38mm steel burrs that ensure the quick grinding process on a morning super-fast. Also, this model can grind around 1g of coffee beans every 1.5 seconds. So, we can assume that it may take around 45 seconds to grind coffee beans for a single person, maybe even quicker. 

Thanks to the manufacturer for its unique grinding settings that provide incredible results consistently. This version also has an excellent cylindrical shape that allows it to take away easily every weekend. If you want to take a budget-friendly and overall good grinder machine whenever you go camping or hiking, you may consider having it. 


  • Eco friendly and sleek design
  • It comes with a stainless-steel burr grinder.


  • A bit expensive rather than other grinders but worth it. 

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Hario Small Coffee Grinder:

The Hario Small Coffee Grinder is very popular for its great appearance. While most of the Hario products look modern and sleek, the MM-2 small manual grinder offers a more vintage vibe. This product is composed of three parts. 

An assembled metallic upper contains the burr and hopper set, the wooden base with a drawer inside. And a soft plastic cover that can stop coffee beans from flying out from the hopper. This product’s dimension is 17.91 x 10.52 x 8.89 cm that can be bigger for some travelers, and the weight is 200 grams. 

What we like about the coffee grinder is the exterior quality with the excellent furnishing part. We love the classy ceramic burr mill. The base looks stained and clear-coated wooden finish. With the metallic hopper and the stainless-steel handle together, this device looks quite substantial and robust. 

We also like the magnet system of this fantastic manual coffee grinder that holds the ground drawer in the place where you grind. If you want to use a manual coffee grinder at your home, then you may consider having it because it offers an affordable price above all. 


  • This machine has an innovative magnet system that offers to keep the drawer in place.
  • The Hario grinder comes with a premium exterior looking.


  • This device is unable to provide quality grinding consistently.
  • Sometimes the drawer leaves a messy trail after the grinding process.

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Teranuvo Manual Coffee Grinder:

This manual coffee grinder design with impressive 18 adjustable settings maintains the coarseness of the grinding process. This feature ensures full precise control of your next coffee brewing. Using this version, you’re allowed to taste different kinds of exceptional tastes: pour-over, Chemex, Aeropress, cold brew, Espresso, French press, Percolator, Keuring, Spice, or Herb grind, and you can brew whatever you like to brew with perfect flavor. 

You may consider it for its portability that you can take it wherever you want to. Therefore, people choose this machine as a traveling component. It would help if you took some coffee beans and the grinder so you can enjoy freshly ground coffee. For example, if you’re a traveler who likes hiking, camping and loves making out hiking, camping, and some other outdoor activities, then you should try using this grinder version. 

You won’t face the complexity of disassembling this machine for cleaning and reassembling for the next brew because there is a removable hand crank that ensures its portability and allows for a slow grind. As it comes with ceramic burrs material, we can consider it as a well-durable machine that may be possible to use for a long time. Above all, the Teranuvo model is one of the top burr coffee grinders under 100


  • Eighteen adjustable settings ensure a different kind of coffee brews with perfect tastes.
  • This device is light in weight (30g), which makes it portable.
  • 1-year replacement warranty. 


  • This grinder cannot run on a battery, so travelers may find it inconvenient for outdoor activities. 

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West Coast Chef Manual Burr Coffee Grinder:

Stop considering buying a pre-ground coffee brewer or destroying the coffee beans in a blade grinder. Try this excellent manual coffee burr grinder that offers the perfect grind of any king of brewing you require. Using this manual coffee version, you may have an outstanding experience while drinking coffee either at home or office. 

This model design with a handle detaches that look more compact in design. Also, this product’s dimension is 24.89 x 12.09 x 7.19 cm, and the weight is 712 grams. The consequence could be grave for a bit, but ideal for outdoor activities. 

The West Coast Chef has a fully ground container that can brew 2-3 cups simultaneously. If you want to give something special to your beloved ones who are regular coffee drinkers, this device can be an ideal gift. Lastly, it includes a beautiful cleaning brush, which you may use to clean this device before and after the grinding process. 


  • This coffee brewer provides 2-3 cups of coffee simultaneously. 
  • It includes a cleaning brush that allows cleaning the container before and after the grinding procedure.


  • The weight is a bit heavy so you may find it inconvenient for traveling.
  • This manual grinder has no battery charging option. 

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7″ Handmade Manual Brass Coffee Mill Grinder:

The 7-inch manual coffee grinder is the top coffee grinder under $100, which you may consider buying. This unique grinder is handcrafted and comes from the Sozen family, making grinders more than 120 years of lineage. This version is very convenient, which you may use anywhere you prefer. 

This version’s dimension is 19.05 x 5.08 x 5.08 cm, and the weight is 454 Grams. As this device’s weight is light, you can take it while going for outdoor activities, such as; hiking, camping, traveling, and other kinds of outdoor activities. 

This 7-inch handmade manual grinder can progress the coffee’s flavor, besides aromas in the cup. Our overall recommendation regarding this product is that you’ll find it very easy to operate, and you may find the incredible aroma of the ground coffee. 


  • The ground coffee is very uniform.
  • It has a large container that holds plenty of ground coffee.
  • Easy to operate and offers a very affordable price.


  • This device has no coffee grinding selectors. 

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Things to consider while choosing the best manual coffee grinder:

We’ve discussed with you about the top manual coffee grinders under $100. However, there are few essential points which you must consider before choosing the final one. 


The speed of grinding processing is an essential factor while choosing a coffee machine for yourself. This feature indicates how many cups of coffee you may brew simultaneously. Most of the people are busier with their professions. 

Therefore, they don’t get enough time with their regular shifts to cope with the present world. Wake up early from bed and going to sleep late at night is an everyday affair for many people. In this case, they don’t get enough time to invest only in coffee brewing. 

If you don’t want to spend much time coffee brewing or want to brew 2-3 cups of coffee simultaneously for your friends and family, you must consider this important point while choosing a manual coffee grinder. 


Of course, you shouldn’t compromise with the quality factor because high-quality comes with rich materials that make the coffee grinder more durable and user-friendly. A grinder’s cabinet is usually constructed from die-cast aluminum or comes from stainless steel that stays longer from our experience. 

Another feature is a ceramic burr or stainless-steel burrs, which you can select any one part from these features. We recommend you focus your extra attention on the handle, which makes the grinder more convenient. In this regard, it must be a fantastic idea if a standard quality element covered most of the parts. 


We know that you’re looking for the best coffee grinder under 100, but don’t leave this manual grinder’s capacity factor. The hero features the capacity of your coffee beans that you’ll go for selecting to serve. If the grinder which you use contains a larger capacity, you can brew many cups of coffee simultaneously. 

Consequently, you can save your time on every brewing. But, if not, then you won’t be able to brew many cups of coffee simultaneously. Therefore, you must check whether the container of that grinder you’re going to buy is small or enough for your demands. 

For instance, if you carry a single cup of grinder device at your workplace, you may think that a single brewing is ideal for your backpack. Besides, if you have a big family, then think about a 12-cup of coffee brewing in a single time that requires a large capacity for your coffee beans. 


The setting point is also an important key factor. You must speed plenty of time on coarse coffee, and it’s time when you wait for a long time to get the best particular ground coffee according to your tastes. 

Therefore, we recommend choosing a coffee grinder that offers you the most liability to change the flavor and aroma depending on your moods. You may experience exceptional ground coffee tastes when you have a coffee brewer with over 40 sets and 15- unique coffee brewer options. 


Whatever we do or use, always think about our safety. If you fixed your mind to use a coffee grinder for a long time, you should think about the overheating protection feature. The excessive amount of heat can melt your coffee beans and ruin the taste of your coffee. Plus, you won’t get the exact flavor or aroma having this kind of coffee. 

However, modern grinder machines commonly come with the overheating protective feature. With this feature, you may connect your device to the power source using the right brewing selector, and it will stop heating once the temperature reaches the ideal point. For this reason, you should check whether your buying grinder has an overheating protection feature or not. 


The easy cleaning feature makes the coffee grinder use more convenient and more comfortable. When you use a grinder for brewing once or twice a day, but lastly, you’ve to clean it for the next grinding process. 

From our experience, you should bear in mind to choose a grinding device that contains some detachable parts that make it more convenient to clean and operate. 

Noise Level:

Most people don’t like to hear any kind of noise contamination during the grinding procedure. There are top burr coffee grinders under 100 in the current market that create no sound during the grinding process. We’ve discussed top rated few heroes on the above, where you can buy one from those. 

Size and Design:

Considering the size and design factor is not less critical rather than other vital elements. The size and modern design of a manual coffee brewer always add extra interior glamour to our kitchen rooms. Commonly, elegant with sleek in design or close look grinders are better to fulfill your kitchen tools. 


It will help if you ground the coffee beans to have a nice cup of coffee. If you manage to get a high-quality coffee brewer, start with a course that goes up to the coffee’s best taste. It offers you to fix the coffee machine for as low as 5-seconds when you’re hungry. However, you can set the timer, in this case, to get a hot and fresh coffee with a sweet aroma that can make your day as beautiful as you expect. 


We’ve observed most of the manufacturing companies that offer warranties during our research. But we also agree that some coffee grinders provide a 1-year warranty for the minimum. On the contrary, some offer a warranty with few limitations. So, you’ve to check the security properly while buying a coffee grinder. 

Final Words:

After discussing our enlisted of the best coffee grinder under 100, we’ve come up to the ending point. We’ve shown you the ins and outs of all of the products with new information that you need to know regarding the best coffee grinder. However, we expect you support our selection because all of the mentioned grinders offer affordable prices with highly advanced features. Now you can enjoy your coffee time using your coffee grinder.