Best Coffee Maker under 50

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Are you searching for the best coffee maker under 50? If yes, then read this article thoroughly.

We’ve researched the best machines to brew your coffee for less than $50, and got few coffee gadgets which we recommended below.

Reading this article, you can get the best one for your needs and start enjoying freshly brewed coffee from today! The good thing is there’s no need to spend your lifesaving while choosing a good coffee maker to meet your requirements.

Here we’ve prescribed top coffee brewers below that you can pick any of these, and don’t worry, and all are under 50 bucks in price with unique features. Well, let’s start.

Chefman InstaCoffee Single Serve Coffee Maker:

The Chefman InstaCoffee Single Serve Coffee Maker offers a single server that allows us to brew coffee easily at home just within three minutes. This machine is light in weight; therefore, you can take it anywhere you prefer, such as you can take it while you go for a picnic on the weekend.

With a wattage of 950W, this coffee gadget is made 14 ounces of coffee simply within a short time and keeps the natural taste. Moreover, the Chefman InstaCoffee Single Serve Coffee brewer will bring the ideal temperature to the beverages. Thanks to the manufacturer for making this machine BPA-free materials, which will make you brew drinks without any concern.

Plus, this coffee brewer offers a very affordable price so that any coffee user can have it in his home. Also, you can see it’s compatible with K-cups. Above all, choosing this product is an ideal decision for anyone with a low budget.


  • As it is tiny in size, you can take it anywhere you prefer.
  • This coffee brewer comes with a reusable filter.
  • It has safety technology for a safe coffee brewer
  • Chefman InstaCoffee has a power of 950W at an affordable price.


  • The coffee gadget can leak the water if the water tank fills with too much water.
  • Sometimes it splatters the coffee grounds while brewing.


BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker:

If you seek a compact coffee maker for camping, you may consider the BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker that offers a very affordable price under $50. Its weight only 1.79 pounds, so we can say that this product is very light in weight.

Therefore, you are allowed to take this product on camping trips. The Black Decker 5-cup coffee brewer machine comes with an ergonomic handle that makes it handier to hold and pour. In addition, you can notice that it has a permanent grounds filter that will help you protect the environment. Plus, the filter basket is removable, so you can clean it whenever necessary.


  • It includes a permanent ground filter feature.
  • This coffee maker is easy to carry and ideal for camping tours.
  • The coffee maker is convenient, time-saving, and simple to see the water inside.


  • The water tank can leak the water from the bottom if you pour it with excess water.
  • It has low capacity.


Black+Decker DLX1050B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker:

The Black+Decker DLX1050B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker comes with a large capacity of 60 pounds enough to brew 12 cups of coffee. If you are looking for something more significant at an affordable price, then the Black+Decker DLX1050B version would be an ideal choice for your needs.

This large capacity coffee brewer is featured with an auto brew option, programmable timer, an indicator light that makes it the perfect coffee maker at a reasonable price. Plus, the nonstick warming plate safe and quickly heats the glass carafe within a short time. This coffee brewer also has a soft-touch control panel with a digital control operation.


  • This coffee maker comes with two choices of color.
  • It’s convenient to use as with the on/off button.
  • The lid is very close to keeping the balance at the right temperature with a reusable basket.


  • The lid of this machine lifts too high so that you can place it under a cabinet.
  • It has a short cord.


Amazon Basics 5-Cup Coffeemaker:

The Amazon Basics Coffeemaker comes with many versions of excellent quality at an affordable price. Among all of them, the Amazon Basics 5-Cup Coffeemaker is comparatively better than other inconvenient features with lower prices. This AmazonBasics 5-cup coffee machine has a small design with a capacity of 25 ounces, considering brewing 5-cups of coffee.

This product brings the perfect temperature for its users for coffee brewing, making it a deal item for a latte. Moreover, this machine will keep coffee warm for more than a few hours after completing the coffee brewing procedure. Also, this fantastic machine is always ready to serve you coffee at any time with great taste.

The body of this machine is made from plastic, and the coffee carafe designed from glass. However, this product is not dishwasher safe, so we recommend you wash your hands, keeping this coffee maker last longer with you.


  • AmazonBasics machine can produce 5 cups of coffee very quickly.
  • It brings an ideal temperature for lattes.
  • This machine is cost-saving with a convenient cleanup.
  • The front access panel has a power button.
  • They are designed with a long 36-inch cord.


  • The main problem with using this machine is the glass carafe is not safe for dishwasher.
  • The temperature is not consistent, sometimes too hot, and quickly burns users.


Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker:

The Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker has a classic appearance and is more suitable to put in the kitchen or at the workplace. Using this coffee maker will help you make rich taste and bring the natural flavor cups of coffee every day at a low cost.

If you keep less than $50 to have an ideal coffee maker, you can choose this coffee maker because you can own the coffee brewer of 60 ounces and the superpower of 900 watts. Every 5 minutes, you will be allowed to brew coffee from your coffee gadget without going out to buy coffee at the shop.

Additionally, the filtering basket is built to be compatible with a kind of paper filter, making it more convenient to use and replace the filter after each coffee brewing. This fantastic coffee maker comes with a lighting indicator that lets you know when the machine is on/off. Plus, it attached to a dual water window which will help you keep control of the amount of water inside. Lastly, it has an auto-pause, a convenient function that will allow you to pour the coffee before the brewing process cycle is ended.


  • This lighting indicator has on/off control.
  • Easy to fill, clean, and convenient to operate.
  • It creates a rich taste for beverages.


  • This coffee machine has a plastic body that won’t be long-lasting.


Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Simple Brew Coffee Maker:

You can consider Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Simple Brew Coffee Maker as one of the most compact coffee brewers that we introduce for you. This machine is made from durable plastic and a black finish that makes it suitable for any space in the kitchen.

Analyzing its features, it has a water tank that can hold 20 ounces of water. This coffee brewing device is easy to serve 4-cups, and each cup contains about 5-ounces of coffee. Aside from this, it has auto-pause features that allow us to stop the brewing process if you intend to have a cup of coffee.

This coffee machine offered us an affordable price and made of durable plastic that can last for a long time. Plus, a removable filtering basket with a stain-resistant warming plate is convenient to clean when necessary.


  • Have multiple colors to choose from.
  • It’s able to create a rich taste for coffee.
  • Allow us to brew coffee with no mess or stress.
  • This coffee maker offers fast and easy cleanup at an affordable price.


  • The glass carafe is not safe for the dishwasher.
  • If you have more than 5oz, you won’t brew enough 4 cups.


KRUPS Simply Brew Compact Filter Drip Coffee Maker:

The KRUPS Simply Brew Compact Filter Drip Coffee Maker has an impressive look, with the 18/10 steel finish allows for brewing 5 cups of coffee. The coffee gadget can still keep your drink warm for a few hours without brewing again just after finishing the brewing.

There is an on/off button that is easy to operate, and using this button will allow you to control the operation of the coffee maker simply. Along with the shiny premium stainless-steel shield, this coffee maker has a luxury glass carafe to hold and keep the beverages’ temperature. The carafe and the body all are suitable to wash in the dishwasher, make the cleaning process easy.


  • More suitable for brewing 5 cups of coffee.
  • Able to keep the coffee warm for a couple of hours.
  • Easy to start and convenient.
  • Purchasing includes a coffee filter, a coffee pot, and a coffee spoon.


  • This coffee brewer does not have an auto-shutoff function.
  • It takes a little much time to brew a coffee comparatively.


Holstein Housewares 5-Cup Coffee Maker:

Although we have selected the Holstein Housewares 5-Cup Coffee Maker at eight number in position, it offers to serve 5 cups of coffee simply with a capacity of 20 ounces. This machine is available in four bright colors, so you can easily choose any of them which would suit better for your kitchen.

This coffee brewer is mainly made from polypropylene that is durable enough and can last for an extended period to use. Moreover, this product has a stow-away power cord which will help you to organize and save conveniently.

This machine is small in size with versatile colors design, makes it suitable for single-serve, and you can take it for outdoor activities. Additionally, purchasing this machine will come with a measuring spoon; a removable filter brings the perfect combo for you to brew cups of coffee with natural tastes.


  • Glass carafe offers to check the inside water level.
  • This coffee maker looks small, bright colors in design for the kitchen.
  • It looks sturdy for comfort holding.


  • The capacity is not enough.
  • This coffee maker has no auto shut-down option for a while.


Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker:

The Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker got the sturdiest design we’ve ever found. However, this machine is tiny in size, able to make four 5-ounces cups of coffee quickly.

If you lose your patience, this coffee brewing device has a brew-pause function where you can get a cup before it finishes the total brewing time. The Cuisinart DCC-450BK version has a shatterproof stainless-steel carafe with a knuckle guard, so you don’t need to burn yourself. Above all, it produces excellent coffee with incredible tastes.

Nevertheless, this coffee brewer is not as intuitive as other versions, and you have to clean it up regularly. But don’t worry, it’s not hard to clean this machine, and the 30-minutes auto-shutdown doesn’t allow some users to savor their coffee slowly. Plus, this unit has no-frills, and it adds an extra $5-10 to the price.


  • It looks sturdy in design.
  • This machine comes with a nice carafe.
  • Convenient, easy to operate with a brew-pause feature.


  • You have to clean it regularly.
  • 30-minutes shutoff time.


Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker:

The Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker can be considered the best single-cup machine for those users who want to avoid pods because of their tastes. You can add regular coffee grounds to the basket for this coffee maker and then add water to brew.

You can also select bold or regular coffee and have some space to personalize your coffee. This model comes with a stainless-steel and relatively sturdy look. However, you shouldn’t use the standard setting because it produces very weak coffee. Even the bold coffee brewing was a little weak in taste.

But if you add sugar and milk, it will likely taste better. Plus, this version has a reusable filter, leaving some oil or some sludge in the coffee. To make your coffee hotter, you may get the Melitta filters that will fit.


  • Looks sturdy in design.
  • It’s convenient and easy to use.
  • This coffee maker offers single-serve but no pods.


  • It generates a lower temperature.
  • This machine Produces weak coffee in tastes.


Things you should consider before choosing the best coffee maker under 50 that can fulfill your needs which are:

 Settings Number:

Since these mentioned coffee makers are cheaper, most of them will have limited settings because of their affordable design. Most of the coffee makers offer regular or bold with 1 to 4 cups of coffee options.

Machine Size:

The size of a coffee machine is an essential feature to consider. Because it creates an impact where you will put your coffee brewer, some of the coffee machines are compact and slim in design, while others are oversized and chunky in appearance. A tight and tiny coffee machine is handy to put wherever you want, such as; on the refrigerator and shelves. If you’ve got space on your kitchen counter, then choosing a chunky one is alright.


Never forget to check the warranty for the machine you are going to purchase. The coffee devices mentioned above have different contracts, so it’s better to check them carefully. Most of the coffee brewers offer a 1-year warranty on average with a limited agreement.

 Quantity of Cups:

The number of cups will depend on the number of users using the coffee machine. If you have intense use of a coffee machine at home, then choosing a single-serve coffee maker would be an excellent decision. On the contrary, if you want to use a coffee brewer at the restaurant or, for more people, then considering a larger brewer which can brew up to 12 cups is ideal.

Hopper Capacity:

Most of the coffee devices carry between 1.5kg to 2.2kg of coffee beans. Unlikely, you will find a coffee gadget that is less than $50 and has a hopper as these are more bespoke. In this case, it’s better to choose a small capacity or single-serve coffee maker if you’ve got a tight budget.

Water Tank Capacity:

The water tank capacity varies from one coffee brewer to another. Smaller ones and larger ones are depending on your needs. If you want to have a coffee maker with a larger capacity, then consider a 60oz water tank coffee machine, or look for 12oz for a single user.


You may get a variety of designs to choose from while choosing a cheap coffee maker. Some machines design with conventional filter technology, while others look like more expensive serving carafe glasses, filter bottles with Nespresso facilities.

Power Consumption:

We want to recommend you to choose an environmental friendliness of a coffee machine because it is significant. Therefore, you must check whether the device you will buy has an automatic shutoff feature that turns off the machine after three minutes of no use.


Some coffee machines include readymade accessories when you purchase them, such as; different filters, either plastic, paper, and reusable. However, don’t haste to buy the machine only for it has several brushes, cups, and filters coming with it. Because they could be as deficient in quality as the device itself, it is highly recommended to get the accessories needed on a familiar bargain.

Final Verdict:

These prescribed above can produce fantastic coffee with rich tastes, making them excellent candidates for the best coffee maker under 50 bucks.

Hopefully, you find this article well guided for you and want to be well-placed to initiate your purchasing journey. If you still need help regarding this issue, don’t hesitate to write in the comments section below.  [If need best coffee maker under 100]