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Manual Coffee Grinder Vs Electric: Which is best to use?

If you are a regular coffee drinker and interested in grinding coffee beans at home, you may be wondering whether a manual or electric coffee grinder suits you.

But don’t worry, here we investigate to let you know which kind of coffee maker machine can be suitable for you most.

In this article, we’ll discuss almost all of the necessary points regarding this topic so you can make the right choice after reading this blog.

Which one is better?

We’ll now discuss several points and present you with the right distinction between manual and automatic coffee grinders. Let’s look at which is comparatively better, electric or manual.

Ease of Use:

Both types of coffee grinder machines are convenient as well as easy to use. These two forms of devices allow you to pop the beans at the top, choose the setting to start grinding. Either you press the button using an electric grinder or use your hands for manual form.

So, we can say a manual grinder requires some of your physical efforts while grinding the beans. On the other hand, an electric grinding machine does not require physical exertion, press the button, and you may have your freshest coffee within a minute.


When it comes to the speed area, an electric grinder device has a much far clear advantage. The manual form requires your hand to grind the beans, and it will take some time to do.

But the electric one will produce coarser grinds relatively quickly. Maybe you feel not happy when you’ve to make coffee for a few people simultaneously. In respect, an electric coffee grinder can be a better choice.


Of course, coffee grounds’ consistency is one of the most significant factors while determining the final brew quality. It would be hard to control the extraction procedure if the coffee isn’t ground uniformly.

Consequently, you might have to end up with a bad tasting coffee. It would be best to consider a high-end model, either electric or manual, to grind the beans with the right consistency.

You can achieve good results if you have a quality grinder. In this sector, the best electric models are probably able to beat the top-rated manual grinders.

Bear in mind blade types of heroes do not produce ground coffee consistently, so you can choose a burr grinder to avoid this issue.


The size of this appliance is one of the essential factors that you should take into account. In this regard, a manual coffee grinder gadget would be the best option. But it doesn’t mean that electric grinders are enormous rather than a manual version.

Electric models are almost the same in save for a blender typically. However, most people consider the electric model more extensive than the manual model because electric models are multi-functioned mostly.

If you have a small kitchen with tight space, then a manual one probably would be a better choice for you.


There is a distinction between consistency and precision. Precision means how properly you can choose the coarseness of the grind.

Having a manual form of grinders allows us to adjust them based on the changes of the vulgarity. On the flip side, a top electric model offers the ability to fine-tune more.


Most coffee drinkers love to use manual grinders because of their excellent durability that lasts a long time. These are forms of blenders designed with many parts that you can’t break easily.

Therefore, buying a manual one would be a wise decision if you don’t frequently change your coffee blender. Nevertheless, well functioned electric grinders are also durable.

As with any electric models, they have a limited lifespan. So, you’ll need to change a specific part or even the whole machine eventually.


When cleaning comes on the point table, I would like to pick the manual models. These devices are straightforward, so anyone can find it very easy to clean and maintain.

On the contrary, an electrical model is comparatively more complicated by its nature. Even I heard many people find them complex as well as more challenging to clean and disassemble. However, most of the electric models are challenging to clean but not exaggerated.


Top electric coffee grinders can produce ground coffee consistently hardly any time at all. At this point, the manual model wins hands down.

However, few electric models make less noise while grinding than others. So, you shouldn’t expect them to be silent fully.


The final consideration comes when the matter comes to the price. Many people prioritize the price ranges while they decide to choose a manual or an electric one. Remember: you’ll get what you pay for an electric grinder.

For example, you probably pick a blade grinder for ten dollars, but a basic burr grinder price model is more than $50. However, it is not possible to get a good machine which offers good results consistently with this price range.

You should make up your mind to pay $150-$200 at least if you wish to experience the best cup of coffee. Do not forget anything less won’t give you the required level of precision.

With a manual version, you’ve to invest around the same price range as the top electric models to get the best performance. However, the only difference is that a very highly functioned manual grinder will set you rather than $30-$50.

Therefore, if you’re not willing to pay much or have a limited budget, I recommend choosing a manual grinder just for grinding coffee beans. It would be better to pick a high-quality manual Grinder than selecting a low-quality electric one.

Here are some additional points that you should consider when deciding which form of device is better for you.

Which type of coffee do you want to drink?

This is a very important question that you should ask yourself before deciding which model of grinder you need. For a French press, consider the manual version, especially if you want to brew coffee just for yourself.

But if you’re a die-hard espresso lover, choose an electric grinder so you can save your time, in the long run, using this model one.

How highly do you value speed and efficiency?

If you spend your life with a tight schedule and brew coffee in the morning before rushing off to work, an electric coffee machine would be suitable for you.

In this case, an electric version grinder would be the logical choice. However, you may choose a manual one if you’ve enough time for coffee grinding.

Final Thoughts:

Both electric and manual burr grinders have their merits. The main factors you should consider are speed, convenience, and price. Now, if you’re clear enough reading this article, it should be easy to choose which form of device is most appropriate for you. Hopefully, everyone is understanding about Manual Coffee Grinder Vs Electric.