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Learn to make coffee with the perfect Siphon coffee maker


Espresso machines are meant for commercial spaces and some people seek a better alternative. However, finding a proper alternative can be very tough for anybody. Well, the Siphon coffee maker is sure to be a great alternative for the whole process. But a lot of people don’t even know about the coffee brewer machine.

So, today we thought, it’s a good idea to introduce you to the siphon coffee maker electric. For this reason, we are going to introduce the device, the different parts of the coffee maker. Not to mention, we are also going to give you simple tips on using the machine efficiently.

Siphon coffee maker – what is it and how does it work?

At a glance, the Syphon coffee maker will look identical to chemical lab equipment. However, the coffee maker is widely known as the Vaccum coffee maker. Hold on, Vaccum coffee maker doesn’t sound right. But yes, the coffee maker is an invention from Germany. We will talk about the history later on in this content. At first, we need to discuss how the coffee brewer works.

Even these days, a lot of commercial spaces use the coffee brewer machine, and the trend is nothing new. The concept behind the coffee maker is unique alright. People weren’t a big fan of drinking coffee by boiling. Yes, tea can be a great thing to drink boiling. However, for coffee, taste, and delicacy is the key.

So, they tried to use water vapor and other stuff to get the coffee brewing. At first, it was the balancing siphon coffee maker in the market. Soon, they came up with the designs and other stuff. In a Vaccum coffee maker, vapor and gravity are the keys to producing fine coffee. If you understand the different parts of the coffee maker, you will understand how it works.

Just like we said, the coffee brewer looks something like out of a school chemistry lab. But actually, it’s a full immersion coffee brewing system. There are two different chambers in the whole device. The first chamber is where you use a direct heat source. So, there will be a vacuum space created inside the chamber.

For the vacuum heat, it will force the water inside forced inside the other chamber. Mainly, the hot water will steep the coffee roast ground. Afterward, it will return back to the first chamber with a fresh coffee brew.

When was the Syphon coffee maker invented?

Well, the siphon coffee maker was first invented in Berlin, Germany. Around the 1830s, the coffee maker became quite popular among the people of France. Well, France was actually quite fond of preparing fine and luxury quality coffee. At first, the coffee maker was called the “two glass ballons”. From the outside, the coffee brewer does look like two balloons joint together.

Around the same time, the Napier coffee maker was in the market. Of course, the Napier coffee maker was just invented. However, the Syphon coffee maker was also very popular for several reasons. Well, espresso machines are for a professional kitchen, and on the other hand, the siphon maker is somehow unique.

Not to mention, this was an efficient way to make coffee. Otherwise, the home kitchen needed to boil the coffee and then drink it. But for specialty coffee, the process is not so good. Thus, people thought of a kitchen coffee brewing solution. Siphon coffee maker was a great solution as one can even make coffee in front of any guest.

Yes, this is a great feature indeed as you don’t need a kitchen to brew your coffee. The design is unique and charming so the guests would enjoy watching the brewing process.

What about using the syphon coffee maker in the present day?

One thing for sure, there are a lot of better options for making a great cup of coffee. However, the siphon coffee brewer is back, and surprisingly, we can see them in different commercial spaces. Yes, for commercial spaces, the product is worth it.

But what about using the KitchenAid siphon coffee maker at home? You can say that the siphon coffee maker Kitchenaid is not a bad idea for your home. Obviously, it will create a great environment inside the home area. Not to mention, you can chat with the guest and also brew fine coffee.

Seems like a luxury product and that’s true in a few sense. But for coffee geeks, the process is not half bad. Rather, vacuum coffee making is efficient and tasty for many people.

Different parts of the siphon coffee maker

A KitchenAid siphon coffee brewer comes with two separate chambers attached. Well, at first the two chambers looked like two different balloons. Nowadays, there are a lot of new designs out there to impress you for good. Well, the design is not the main issue for us.

Manufacturers use glass, fiber, plastic, or any other transparent materials to build a proper siphon coffee maker. Well, you won’t find the chamber made of steel or other heavy materials. Yes, the other parts can come with different construction materials. Siphon coffee brewer KitchenAid parts can come with different construction materials.

But it’s not just about the construction materials or just the chambers. There are other parts that you need to know about. Well, before going on with the description, we should introduce you to the separate parts for good.

First, there will be the two chambers where the one on the bottom is the lower bowl. Here, you create a vacuum or keep the water. There’s a filter between the two chambers and a stabilizer bar between the two chambers. So, you can get full control over your brewing method.

At the very bottom of the machine, there is a burner. This is the heat source of the device. Yes, you can get yourself an electric siphon brewer, and that should be the best possible pick. Well, this is the general structure of any siphon coffee maker. Yes, the designs are having a lot of innovations and other things. But the features are still just like the old days.

How to brew specialty coffee using the Siphon coffee maker?

Brewing specialty coffee is a charm with the siphon coffee brewer. But before that, you have to understand how to pick the best model from the market. Siphon coffee brewer Kitchenaid models are sure to pick on the market. But that is not what we are going to talk about right now. To start with the brewing process, we need to know what type of coffee we are expecting.

The type of coffee you will get

To tell you the truth, the most home kitchen doesn’t have the preparations for different styles of coffee. Siphon coffee brewer lets them enjoy coffee having family time. Yes, the coffee brewer doesn’t need a kitchen to operate. You can just keep it in front of your table and make coffee.

Siphon coffee brewers use the full immersion process to make coffee.

So, the coffee is better than boiling. A lot of people say that boiling coffee can always ruin the taste a lot. So, people are not fond of the boiling process, and a Siphon coffee maker can be a great solution for most homes of coffee geeks. Even if you are not a coffee geek, the regular coffee experience will still be better.

Starting with the brewing process

Just by understanding the construction, the brewing method gets easier. However, a lot of people are still questioning us about the brewing process of the siphon brewer. We can understand the reason as the KitchenAid 8 cup siphon coffee maker is quite a hassle to operate. More coffee brewing products are becoming sophisticated and tough to brew.

So, to get the taste right, you need to understand the whole brewing process. Here are some tips on ensuring a proper and fine brewing process.

  • First, you have to choose the best grind size. Well, you are not getting the best support like an espresso machine. However, still, deciding the grind size will help you to get a better brew. The grind size can always create variety in your coffee taste.
  • If you own one siphon brewer, you should also get some important things to make the brewing process easier. You will need hot water cattle, a coffee scale, a stirring device, a stopwatch, a decanter for a proper brewing process.
  • When you are going to make your coffee, just measure them out. Because, if you want to get the best taste or better taste, you better measure them all. This is actually crucial for many reasons, as you are trying to create a medium grind and good flavor. So, measure the water and coffee ground accurately or follow the coffee instructions.
  • Using pre-heated water is better than boiling them in the lower chamber. In this way, the brewing process will have a better place.
  • After adding the water, turn the burner into its highest setting. You will need all the vapor you can create from the lower chamber for a fine brewing process.
  • Assembly of the filters is also a crucial step. Rinse the filters with hot tap water and place them in the middle section of the two chambers. But ensuring the alignment is perfect should be a major priority.
  • When the water starts to create a calamity inside, you have to turn both the chambers upside down. Give both the chambers a very good seal after doing so.
  • Afterward, the water will start to rise and you should start to lower the heat a little. Depending on the temperature and water rise level, you should start to lower the heat.
  • When the water reaches the top chamber, you can add the ground coffee. Now, you just have to wait for the brewing process to finish.
  • Use a stirring device to gently stir the coffee.
  • After waiting for two minutes, turn off the burner. Now, let the coffee get filtered to the lower chamber again. Don’t worry, the filter is there for making a fine coffee brew.

Safety and cleaning tips for a siphon coffee maker

Understanding the safety requirements of the siphon coffee maker is an important aspect. Safety is not just about your own, but also about the device. Here are some efficient tips for keeping the siphon coffee maker efficient.

You should be careful while using the coffee brewer, as it comes with glass compartments.

Some siphon coffee maker comes with a burner at the bottom. Especially living room areas are likely to get serious damage from the fire. Even kids can get severely injured from the burner. So, be careful while using it, and make sure you get the safest model.

After making coffee, you should clean both the compartments with hot water. Well, you can use gentle soap water or detergent to clean the chambers.

Some important FAQ

  • Is siphon coffee maker good or not?

Siphon coffee maker is great for enjoying a fine cup of coffee at home. You cannot expect to get professional espresso-type coffee at home. Well, yes, the siphon coffee brewer can be the perfect way to enjoy coffee. Also, the full immersion process can retain better flavors than the boiling process.

  • Why siphon coffee maker is a good process for homes?

Well, the coffee brewer was made for use at home. However, nowadays we can see them in a commercial cafe or other places. The best thing about the brewer is that people can make coffee in front of their guests. No need for going into the kitchen as the siphon coffee brewer can handle the job fine.

Final Verdict

The Siphon coffee maker has been in the market for a long time. Even these days, the coffee brewer is coming up with new and new types of features. Not to mention, the designs are evolving and that’s why choosing a model is getting tough.

But before that, you need to decide whether you need a siphon coffee maker or not. Using and brewing coffee is also another matter to consider. Today, we tried to guide you with all the basics of a siphon coffee maker. Now, what will be your choice in the making?

Thanks 🙂

Siphon Coffee Brew Guide