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The complete guide to the coffee brewer for beginners

Many manual coffee brewer machines have become commonplace around the world. From house kitchens to cafes and restaurants can be seen likely at least once recently.

Nowadays, many coffee lovers are bringing this coffee gadget to their homes. Because they know having a cup of coffee at home with their preferences is a thousand much better than having a cup of coffee at a cafe or restaurant.

However, many coffee lovers are not good at using the brewing machine nicely. If you’re one of them and looking over the internet to know how you can operate it to mix up coffee, then this article is for you.

In this article, we’ll give you a full coffee brew guide so you can have an excellent idea of it.

Coffee Brew Methods:

  • French Press
  • Pour Over
  • Drip
  • Cold Brew
  • AeroPress
  • Siphon
  • Chemex
  • Espresso
  • New Orleans Style Iced

Now we’ll cover up all of the methods on the above subsequently below.

French Press:

The French press is known as a press pot, plunger coffee etc. a filter screen with a container and a plunger press the hot water through the grounds.

Thus, it makes the coffee rich earthy taste in the cup. Please note down that choosing a medium grind is the superior taste of a secret.


Pull the cold filtered water out of a reservoir during the drip brewing process. After that, make the hot water filtered down to the grounds of the device.

So, brewed coffee can freshly pass through the paper filter. At last, it will pass through to the carafe creating a nuanced beverage (refined).

Pour Over:

Due to the variation in methods, coffee brewer pours over has a nice and richer flavor compared to the other regular drip coffee. Make sure you have taken an ideal amount of water besides coffee.

Hence, pour them into a funnel, and you’ll see it will start blooming. During this phase, it will release a nice flavor from the inside of the grounds.

Cold Brew:

People want to apply this coffee brewing method to achieve a more balanced taste in coffee. I find it critical because of the time frame.

Yes, sometimes it takes more than 24 hours to brew that is downright embarrassing. Ground coffee and mixing water should steer, and you should let it cool overnight. Strain the mixture for removing the excess coffee before serving your cup.

AeroPress Method:

The coffee stepped for around 60 seconds using the AeroPress method. Then use the plunger through the tube to create pressure with a filter. You can use the metal filters or the paper filters in the disc shape.

The Chemex Method:

The Chemex brewing method is similar to the drip coffee in taste. Chemex filters are 20-30% thicker than other pours over methods. The Chemex process is comparatively slow but exuberant in coffee taste.


Water passes through the ground’s coffee when the espresso brews. Beans use for espresso methods that require an extended amount of time. Espresso comparatively makes thick coffee with fantastic crema on top.

New Orleans Style Iced:

The great brew is a New Orleans style iced coffee brewer. With the addition of roasted chicory to the grounds, coffee brews regularly. In this method, cold coffee can be brewed for around 12 hours as well as served with milk.

People commonly love it because it looks creamy and sweet while drinking. During the Napoleon era in France, the practice of adding roasted chicory emerged. Then it becomes popularized among French settlers in New Orleans.

How does a coffee brewer work?

There are two main ingredients that you should know are water and the coffee itself. Of course, boiling water is necessary to make a perfect coffee and keep the temperature around 96-degree centigrade.

However, the temperature of extraction solely depends upon which type of coffee you’re using. As everyone knows, coffee comes from the bean’s trees, and processes in various ways like grinding, roasting, and ground to power so it can release the flavor we all love.

For example, using a coffee brew fetco machine would be an excellent decision because this machine can amazingly extract the aromas while making up coffee and you’ll enjoy while drinking a cup of coffee.

However, read the following guidelines to have a cup of coffee using a coffee mixer gadget.

  • Load water in the water tank at the back.
  • A pump situated at the bottom sucks water in and keeps it pumps through the machine.
  • Water starts blooming while the water heats up when the temperature reaches the ideal heating level.
  • Water gets a pump from a needle(narrow) to increase the pressure level.
  • The hot and pressurized boiling water pumps through the coffee ground in the pod and releases the flavor. Most of the coffee brewer commercial machines pump the water through the coffee ground in the pod. There is a narrow hole at the edge where it goes through and drips back down.
  • A piece of coffee filtering papers of the pod stops the coffee grounds from falling into the coffee.

Internal Functions of a Coffee Brewer:

There are five internal functions inside of a coffee mixer machine that plays individual roles to serve us delicious coffee.

Outer Case:

The outer part of this machine is usually made of rigid ABS plastic and comes with multiple calm shells. Therefore, the inside part can fit properly.

Water heater:

Usually, the heating water voltage is 1550 watt that can compare to the 2000-3000-watt heating element of an electric kettle. The heating range is 20 degrees to 85 degrees centigrade per minute.

Water pump:

A powerful pump can fill the tank with water within a minute. The water pump designed to move the water from the tank into the heater, then through the coffee pod.

Air compressor:

While the coffee becomes dispense, the air compressor blows pressurized air to all of the pipes through the machine to make them clear for the next cup.

Water tank:

Water tanks able to hold roughly 1-2 liters of water. This function designs at the backside of the machine with a spring-loaded valve.

Coffee Brewer Machine Specifications:

The specifications between coffee brewer machines can vary from device to device depending on the designs and brands.

Principally, we can classify all of them into two parts which are: drip coffee makers and single serve coffee makers.

Drip Coffee Makers:

Carafe Size:

Mostly they can make 8-12 cups per carafe but many coffee brewer commercial machines designed to handle multiple pots.

If you have a single-family or you’re not a hardcore coffee drinker, then a 4-cup machine would be suitable for you.


Drip coffee maker has multi-function specifications that are good for all kinds of hot beverages with a great variety of sizes. These machines can dispense a cup of coffee or hot water for tea.


Brewing coffee before you wake up from or go for sleep is possible to set automatically with its programmable function.


Multi cup machines can easily control the time and water temperature simultaneously. It creates a more robust flavor and saturates the grounds.

Coffee grinder:

Coffee brewer with grinder features able to grind beans before brewing. Therefore, it serves us with the best-tasting coffee.

Coffee filters paper:

Coffee filters paper allows the coffee grounds finely to seep into your finished cup. However, it requires a longer time usually to clean up.

Single-serve coffee makers:

Cup height:

Smaller machines can occupy less space on the countertop. So, make sure you’ve large enough space to accommodate your travel mug.

Reservoir size:

You should consider a machine with a more extensive reservoir if you often make coffee brewer Bunn beverages for your large family or friends.

But if you want to use a coffee mixer just for a single purpose, then no need to look for a big reservoir.

Cup size variation:

Single-serve coffee machines can let you choose your preferable beverage sizes.

Temperature Selections:

Single-serve coffee mixers will let you choose the coffee strength while using the same level of coffee. These machines can handle both the water temperature and saturates the grounds.

As a consequence, it creates a more robust flavor while drinking coffee. The water range temperature should be between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit.

Beverage pods:

Some single-serve coffee brew machines manufacture their coffee pods while some aren’t. Make sure you are going to purchase the right one or check whether built coffee pods are available or not—K-cup commonly designed with coffee brewer Keurig machines and others.

You may also consider other brands on the market that are easy serving like coffee machine Nespresso etc.


Consider the size of storage in machines that keep the coffee pods well organized and close to hand.

Top Coffee Machines on Sell:

We’ve told you almost everything on coffee maker machines, and now we’re going to recommend you very few devices which are popular in the present market.

Coffee Machine Jura:

Jura can be found as one of the coffee machines expensive in the present market but still holding the top position. Jura works with coffee beans and grinds them up properly for every time while you want to have a cup of coffee.

The one-touch cappuccino function makes it trendy. The excellent extraction process optimizes the time of extraction and maintains the flavor quality of the coffee.

Coffee brewer Keurig:

The Keurig coffee maker is suitable for making tea, iced beverages, and even hot cocoa. Just press the button to brew in less than a minute. Keurig offers 3 cup sizes of coffee simultaneously.

It also provides a removable drip tray so you can accommodate your travel mugs. Programmable auto shut-off features and indicator lights make it harder to use.

Coffee machine Lavazza:

Lavazza is good at brewing within 25 seconds flat but looks tiny, however. It’s quiet compared to the other devices. This machine is easy to ease brewing. Fill the tank with water and remove the pod tray and then you’re ready to go.

Lavazza comes with streamlined so it will add a bit of luxe on a kitchen counter. You can keep it in your home office space.

Coffee machine de’ Longhi:

De’ Longhi coffee maker comes with integrated grinding technology that grinds the beans fresh always. The grinding level can be adjusted depending on the taste.

This machine can control the high precision electronically that generates steam at the optimal temperature. Besides, the tubeless system decreases the coffee powder amount inside of the grinder to a minimum.

So new coffee grounds can be used to brew your espresso. Lastly, the cleaning is effortless to do because of an integrated cleaning function.

After preparing the beverage, all of the inner parts connect with milk and are washed automatically with steam and hot water.

Final Recommendation:

In this coffee brew guide article, we’ve discussed everything vital for you to know regarding this topic. We hope you’ve acquired a good idea on this topic.

If you find anything hard to understand or have any question on your mind, write in the comments section below.

And share this article with your friends and family if you find it useful. We hope it would be beneficial for them also.