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Know more about Pour over Coffee Makers: A-Z

Do you desire for a palatable cup of coffee every morning? But you don’t get that desired richness with strong flavor in your coffee, right? That is maybe you have never got the right way or equipment to make coffee. You need to pour over coffee makers to give that delectable authentic coffee as if it has just been brewed out from fresh coffee beans.

Have you wondered why you need to pour over coffee makers to get that perfect cup of coffee? That is because you will have control over the machine when your coffee is being made. The machine will make the best outcome with your instructions.

In the market, you will get many types of pour over coffee makers, made from different materials. If you are a novice in buying coffee brewing machines, then reading this entire article will help you to get an ample amount of information regarding pour over coffee makers.

Types of Pour over Makers:

There are varieties in pour over coffee makers too in order to fit your wants. So, we will look into two types of them which are mostly demanded. These are the best pour over coffee makers to brew coffee and most demanded among others.

Automatic pour over coffee makers: it’s apparent that in the automatic ones you won’t have to do anything manually, it is auto. This type is for the ones whose time runs like a metro train in the morning, and you don’t have time to do anything manually.

Automatic pour over coffee makers takes the taste of the coffee to another level with its incredible water dispensing property, unlike regular drip machines. The auto one does not immediately start brewing your coffee as soon as you put the switch on. It first lets the coffee grounds bloom and releases their natural oils with minimal water, then dispenses the correct proportion of water in the correct temperature and amount. In this way, you get the richest flavor production of your coffee.

What to look for in an auto pour over coffee maker?

● Temperature controlling mechanism: it’s an important property that should be correct by any means. The water temperature controller of your auto pour over coffee maker should be able to maintain and adjust the temperature, which is necessary for the perfect coffee. Only heating water is not enough.

● ‘Blooming’ in the settings: in auto pour over coffee machines, the Blooming in the setting dial should be present. This is an essential step in auto coffee brewing as it helps the strong coffee flavor to get extracted.

● Digital display: with a good digital display, programming, and navigating your coffee maker will be a lot easier in the auto ones. Even though they are auto, but pre-setup is required too.

Glass pour over coffee makers

The glass ones require no electrical power to operate, rather work manually. Even though you have to do a bit of task like pouring water from time to time while the coffee is brewing, but your electricity bill will be saved! Also, they are cheaper and easy to use than the Auto ones.

If you have likings towards soft coffee flavors, then this machine is for you. In this machine, the coffee particles are kept soaked in water for long before brewing, so the taste also softens down. You have to manually water while coffee is being made.

People who have lesser knowledge with dials and programmable settings, this one is a perfect coffee maker for them. Gift your coffee-lover grandma a glass pour over coffee maker on her next birthday!

What you should look in a glass pour over coffee maker before buying?

● Durable glass: coffee makers with fragile glass might not have the capacity to bear the heat. Hence they will break, and start leaking. Therefore, the glass should be thick and durable.
● Capacity and size: capacity is some coffee makers are listed in liters or pounds. So buy the size you think you actually need to have every day. Whether you make coffee for the entire family, or yourself only that will consider the capacity you want to choose.

Which brand has the best pour over coffee makers?

BUNN pour over coffee makers: BUNN is famous for its commercial pour over coffee makers for years now. This brand brings out the most unique, presentable, and top-performing coffee makers in the market. Their higher pricing is not just like that. The BUNN pour over coffee makers have few features in common, such as:

● They are quite spacious, even the smallest capacity holder can make up to 5 makes of coffee.
● They are easy to use, just requires a few trials for newbies
● They have a beautiful mixture of modern and classic design
● They have a thermal carafe and prevents scorching
● They keep the water temperature balanced
● They ensure spill-free pour of coffee
● They are very efficient
● Keep the aroma and temperature of coffee intact for long

If you do not like to play with your coffee taste and aroma at any cost, then invest in a BUNN pour over coffee maker. They are serious while making your perfect cup of coffee, so the authentic taste is found.

Why choose to Pour over coffee makers over other brewing machines?

Every coffee lover on the planet has someday come across a pour over coffee machine. Those who are used to buying coffee making machines would know they are beneficial above other coffee brewing machines.

Control your coffee brewing:

One of the biggest reasons why coffee lovers choose to pour over ones is that they control the making of coffee. They can fix the dial according to the desired water temperature, filter, coffee ground fineness, etc. This ensures you get the coffee your mind desires every time.


Apart from the automated ones, glass and plastic made pour over coffee makers are quite inexpensive.
They cost a quarter of the other one's cost.
Therefore, if you are looking for a coffee machine that won’t cost you bulk, you can try them out.

Consumes less space:

They are quite compact in size, hence won’t take a lot of space on your kitchen counter. If you have a tiny kitchen in your apartment, then opt for a pour over coffee maker.
A brief tutorial on how to enjoy your coffee after making in a pour over coffee maker
We will tell you how you can prepare a delicious cup of coffee in a few simple steps, that too in a pour over coffee machine!

● First, warm up your water in the necessary quantity
● Then, measure out your coffee grounds
● Eye measure your coffee and water ratio
● Now, prepare the filtration and put your coffee grounds inside
● Next, keep pouring hot water as required, and put the carafe on the scale
● Now wait till the coffee is brewing
After a few minutes, you can enjoy your cup of coffee.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is the best commercial pour over coffee maker?

One of the best commercial pour over coffee makers is already reviewed above, which is the BUNN.
Their high price is justified because their design and quality are incomparable. Moreover, the efficiency
and the outcome this brand’s coffee makers will give will be worth your money.

Q. What is the easiest way to clean a pour over coffee machine?

Cleaning a pour over maker is the easiest than others. You just have to take off the filter and rinse it, and rinse the pour over thoroughly. This will wash off any leftover grounds. Then you can simply clean the interior if you want to. Thus it is done.

Q. What are the potential disadvantages even of the best pour over coffee makers?

The potential disadvantages that even the best pour over coffee makers give are, firstly, the manual ones take a lot of time to brew coffee; secondly, it requires your time and effort; lastly, it has less fine control of coffee grounds.

Q. Is plastic made pour over coffee makers bad for health?

Plastic pour over coffee makers will not be bad for health unless they are BPA-free. BPA is a toxic chemical that reacts with heat, eventually, it will react with hot coffee. And slowly it will come off in your coffee after some days. When you drink that coffee, in the long run, your health will deteriorate.

Final Verdict

Pour over coffee makers are an example of why coffee brewing is not a luxury, but a necessity for all those coffee lovers. You do not need to own expensive machines to have an ideal cup of coffee every day. You probably won’t have to spend half even in the best pour over coffee makers that you would do with other coffee brewing machines.
Now that you have gotten a guide with ample information on this coffee maker, so why don’t you buy yourself any best pour over coffee makers? You have come this far, because you are too serious with your coffee, and want a best friend for it to make it even better tasting. We guess it is the right time for you to spend on commercial pour over coffee makers if you haven’t already.