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The ultimate guide of coffee roaster machine at home

Coffee roasting is a way to transform green coffee beans into roasted coffee products using physical as well as chemical properties. Do not think it’s a simple job that anyone can do. The Coffee Roaster is important to keep the taste and aroma intact.

Nowadays many coffee lovers love to keep a coffee roasting machine in their home. Coffee roaster home means you have the choice to drink fresh coffee at any time as well as can do experiments with coffee origins even many more.

Though many people are familiar with the coffee roasting process, numerous coffee drinkers on the opposite side are still wondering about coffee roaster matter even if they do not know how it works.

If you are one of them and would love to know about coffee roasting, then you’re just in the right place. In this article, we will discuss everything important relates to a coffee roaster.

Coffee Roasting Reasons:

Before we go for further discussion on how it works, we should discuss with you why people love to do roast coffee and what are the reasons behind it as well.

Though it requires time and a bit of effort, the coffee processors and the producers remove the coffee fruit, dry the seeds and lastly, eliminate the seed coats and you will see green coffee left.

Green coffee comes with huge benefits for our health. To bring out the flavors, it requires to take the heat. The whole matter of bringing out green coffee beans is nearly the same as sunflower seeds being brought out.

Coffee Roasting Process:

The coffee roaster is a combination of art and science. If you have a coffee roaster machine at home can do it following the steps below.

Remember, all of the phases are important to follow so do not try to skip any point.

Endothermic Phase:

While we are going to talk about the coffee roaster procedure, the endemic phase comes to first. This is the first and foremost phase that the heat that goes into the coffee beans. And the heat process is called the endothermic process.

While heating beans start moisturizing to evaporate due to rising temperature. When the temperature reaches about 345 degrees Fahrenheit, it starts turning brown and its odor must be toasty that can be smelled.

When the temperature consistently rises and nearly reaches 370 degrees Fahrenheit, you can notice the color of coffee beans that become browner and begin to expand as well.

This step is the first crack of the coffee fryer which is very light roasts that can be said. As the coffee beans are heated and the temperatures of the beans continue to rise, the coffee beans continue to darken.

It causes a part of reactions from sugars inside of the beans largely due to the Maillard Reaction. We hope that the same thing happens to the browning in meats.

When the temperature will reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit, we will come to the right position before the first coffee roaster.

Exothermic First Cracking Phase:

The exothermic phase when the first crack of the coffee roaster begins. At this point, while the first popping sounds like popcorn popping is the first crack. In this phase, the individual beans start expanding eventually doubling in size.

Hence, internal chemical reactions of the coffee beans generate their heat in an exothermic procedure. While the cracking stops, you would have reached the City Roast if you were to stop the coffee fryer and cool the beans.

Second Endothermic Phase Cracking:

When the coffee beans start absorbing, we can say the second endothermic phase starts working. During this phase, the beans start becoming more uniform in color. Moreover, the cellulose matrix of the bean also begins to fracture so that you can notice it easily, leading to the “second endothermic phase”.

Bear in mind that in this phase the temperature will reach around 444 degrees Fahrenheit. It would look like a full city roast if you want to stop your coffee roaster machine to stop working.

Second Crack:

After completing the second endothermic phase, beans come to the second cracking position. The temperature continues to rise to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, you can hear the snapping that causes the cellulose matrix of beans.

You should hear the popping sound in the first cracking step. The characteristics of the coffee roaster would be higher than the original characteristics due to the second crack factor.

Getting coffee beans darker:

This is the last phase of coffee roaster processing. At this step, the temperature will reach 465 degrees Fahrenheit. And when the temperature reaches this level, the coffee beans are getting darker.

When the coffee fryer process is complete; sugars will be caramelized heavily and burnt. Also, the internal part of the cellulose of the bean initiates to carbonize as well as the bean will expand itself.

Besides, the second cracking is near to the end and quite rapidly. The temperature will reach nearly 474 degrees Fahrenheit; so you have attained a French Roast.

If you continue to raise the temperature at 486 degrees Fahrenheit, then we can say the coffee beans as Italian coffee roast. Going further will take you to the charcoal. However, please be careful about fire.

However, if you roast coffee at your home using a coffee roaster machine then it would be great. Now we’ll let you know why you should bring a coffee roaster for home.

Coffee Roaster Common Specifications:

We know very well all of the coffee roaster machines are not the same in design, but there are common specifications that we can notice among every coffee roaster machine. These are:

Coffee Roaster Voltage Level:

Voltage is an important part of all other coffee roaster common specifications. Having a 100V coffee roaster for the home can roasts coffee within 1 hour for maximum. It depends on the number of coffee beans.

On the contrary, the roaster which is designed with 220V doesn’t take much time to roast as the previous one requires. The adjustable temperature is available in both of these that ranges can be from 100-200 degrees centigrade.

However, industrial coffee roaster machines require 380V to run efficiently. The roasting capacity solely depends on this factor.

Coffee Roaster Watt:

Having a highly efficient coffee roasting machine nearly requires 1200W while it automatically heats the coffee beans for roasting. For example, if you take around 800 grams of coffee beans and put it on, it could take 20-25 minutes to roast beans properly with this Wyatt.

I always recommend buying highly efficient roasting machines, everyone. Because having more Wyatt means able to produce more heat for coffee roasting that saves our time.

Coffee Roaster Frequency:

The coffee roaster for the machine’s frequency range is 50 Hz for a minimum where the maximum range is 60 Hz. Commonly, a coffee roaster for our home that looks like a small appliance requires 50Hz.

Coffee Roaster Size:

Of course, there is a bigger range of sizes in coffee roaster machines. If you choose an industrial roaster device could be 310x36x303 (cm) in dimensions. Moreover, the installation area could be around 400 x 500 x 400 in centimeters.

On the flip side, coffee roaster home machine sizes are not as big as industrial machines. The inner diameter can be 270mm or 10.6 inches and height can be 120m or 4.7 inches. Also, the length could be 320mm in size.

Coffee Roaster Weight Range:

Anyone can easily assume that the big one would be higher than the tiny one. An industrial coffee machine’s weight range could be 1800-1900 pounds.

On the other hand, a coffee roaster for home serving machine weight can be more or less 6-8 pounds. So, you can take this coffee roaster machine with you anywhere.

Why should we roast coffee at home?

It does not wait to say that roasting coffee by yourself is great fun because it is flexible for many reasons but not also for only doing it at home. Freshness is a big requirement that most people never want to compromise with quality.

The coffee beans should be green as well the coffee fryer machine must be clean enough before and after the procedure.  First, you should take some fresh green coffee beans which can be stored for over a year without going stale after harvesting.

On the flip side, roasted beans lose their aromas and flavors just after a few weeks. Therefore, consider the fresh green coffee beans to make sure your coffee will stay fresh as always.

On top of that, purchasing green beans is cheaper than buying roasted beans, so you can save your money in this case. By doing so it would be possible to save a substantial amount of money once you have all of the necessary equipment as well as refined your techniques.

The coffee roaster at home will also help you to expand your knowledge of coffee. It will help you to understand which factors impact your coffee to make it delicious for you while drinking. Moreover, you can also alter the coffee fryer profile depending on your preferences.

Your palate must improve which will allow appreciating your coffee even more through keeping the practice on it with time flow.

Common Home Roasting Mistakes:

There are many common coffee roasting mistakes that we should avoid during work on it. Though the coffee roaster process is relatively easy to do, there are a few easy-to-make mistakes that anyone can do.

Consequently; it could be a disaster for your coffee beans. Try to track the time scale while roasting and you need to change it at times.

For example, if you take a coffee roaster machine outside of your home for roasting may need a longer time to warm up. Therefore, it fails to be adjusted which leads to underdeveloped and under-roasted beans.

The batch size also can affect the roasting time and ideal temperature. Maybe you are using your coffee roaster machine at the highest level to roast but remember all of the coffee beans are not able to reach a proper browning level at the same time.

That is why you cannot choose a very specific time to roast all of the beans. Sometimes it takes a long time while sometimes shorter depending on the coffee beans. Use the highest temperature to roast faster and you can get scorched beans.

Make sure about the inside temperature of your coffee roaster but not the coffee bean’s temperature themselves. Do not only pay attention to my blog post but also check the aroma and color of the coffee. Mistakes happen while we get distracted from our jobs.

So you should not be distracted or skip doing multiple works at the same time. We recommend you not to walk away from your coffee roaster device. Because the roasting level can be changed within a very short time if you attuned this machine.

And one thing we want to tell you again that you’re playing with fire till you turned on the coffee fryer machine. Anything could happen if you leave it while coffee roast processing is going on. For this reason, do not move your eyes from it.

Improve your Coffee Roasting Home:

It’s time to let you know how to improve your coffee roaster home. I guess you’re feeling more curious to know about coffee roasting at home improvement. If I am not wrong, then you should keep continuing reading this blog post until the end.

If you are still using an oven for roasting, then bring a coffee roaster for home. Investing in it will give you more control over roasting coffee as well as start experimenting on it. Stay consistent at this point with your variables so you can understand in a better way the impact they have.

You may also alter one factor at a time to test how it affects the coffee’s aromas and flavors. As we say as always, coffee roasting is one kind of journey because it gives you a chance to look back on what you’ve done.

The more you use the coffee roaster, the more experience you will acquire that can be used to improve your working performance while roasting the coffee process.

Roasts Are Subjective:

Many coffer users have this confusion about whether coffee roasting is subjective or not. Well, the simple answer is roasts are subjective because mileage may vary while it works.

For instance, Starbucks requires light, medium and dark levels for proper roasting. On the other hand, coffee has sweet spots and you may use a coffee roaster to roast coffee till we get the real flavors of it.

The main point is the taste of the coffee. Some people like dark and burnt while some are light that tastes like a freshly mowed lawn. Having a private coffee roaster at home allows you to taste as you like.

Final Recommendation:

Remember, roast provides a variety of coffee in varieties, origins, and processes to have a better understanding of your capabilities. Sometimes you won’t notice a significant impact on a Guatemalan coffee that alters the Rwandan profile dramatically.

However, the coffee roaster at home is surprisingly easy to have fun with while doing this job. Having it, you can do home-roasted coffee that would be ideal gifts for your loving friends and family.

And all of you can begin drinking the best coffee according to your choices.

So what do you think right now? Are you going to buy a coffee roaster?

Leave us your comments and experiences regarding this matter. Follow my guidelines and if you find it interesting, do not forget to share them with your family members and friends.

We’ll bring more information about coffee roasters in near future with new ideas and solutions. So, stay tuned for the upcoming updates.