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Explained How Electric Kettle Kitchen Appliance Works

Perhaps an electric kettle is one of the most kitchen appliances that widely has been using around the world. As I have one, I guess almost every household does have an electric kettle. So many people ask How Does an Electric Kettle Work?

An electric kettle comes with an inside heating element that heats the liquid inside of it within the least time comparatively. And nowadays you can get up to thousands of models of electric kettle available in the marketplace. But the news user usually faces a common issue that how it works as well as how can they use it properly.

If you are also one of them who is wondering how does an electric kettle works, then you just came to the right place to know about it. While you plug in an electric kettle to an outlet, a large amount of electric current will pass through to its cord as well as in the whole machine that turns into heats from the inside heating element.

The element can hit because of the heating element that offers resistance. Therefore, this resistance can be able to convert the electrical energy into heat that heats the liquid inside of the kettle.

You can see there are few models of electric kettles equipped with fancier as well as a more heating complex system with automatic shutting-off designs.

Electric Kettle Parts:

Before we go to the topic of how an electric kettle works actually, we should know about its important parts.

Four major parts commonly can be seen in every electric kettle machine. The following parts are:

Detachable Base:

Most of the modern electric kettle is designed with a detachable base feature. This base contains the contact which allows the electricity to flow to the element.

Heating Element:

The heating elements allow resistance to flow the electrical energy through the cord as well as inside of the kettle part. It creates heat in the heating function that helps to boil the water.

Power Adapter:

The power adapter connects to the heating element which supplies the power of electrical energy flow to the electric kettle machine.

Bimetallic Strip:

When the waters get heat and start boiling causes the bimetallic strip to bend which triggers the switch to cut off the electrical power.

How does an electric kettle work?

Though the electric kettle is a single kitchen appliance it comes with a couple of different parts. The following parts work hand in hand so they can produce an efficient output.

The following parts are:

  • Heating Element
  • Thermostat

In the beginning phase, the electric kettles were not well functioned as the modern kettles. They only had a well-built body and an inside heating element. Therefore, the users during that phase used the manual switch to turn it on/off.

And the old day’s kettles were able to use for once a day just for boiling the water. However, modern electric kettles are far much better than the old ones with advanced functions.

Heating Element:

The heating element is the most important part of an electric kettle. This machine is worthless actually, without the heating function. A heating element works like a resistor designed to resist the electricity flow.

Moreover, it creates heat and therefore, the liquid boils in the inner side of the kettle. For example, if you use an electric tea kettle, then the heating element produces heat to make the tea water according to the user’s preference of temperature.


As we have discussed above, a thermostat is an incorporated part of new electric kettles. A thermostat and a heating element are hand in hand position and connected as always.

The thermostat function in the kettle plays an important role to control the heating capacity of the heating element. Also, once it attained the required temperature, automatically switch off the power.

The thermostat has 5 adjustable control settings functions, so you can use it, any one of them, according to your choice.

Now we’ll discuss all of these settings one by one below.

High Limit Setting:

The primary temperature control of an electric kettle has a high limit option that allows the highest hot water temperate before the controllers get turned down the boiler. It can be easily adjusted so there is nothing to worry about.

The boiler burner function shuts down automatically when the high limit temperature is reached.

The burner will restart, usually, about 10 degrees Fahrenheit when the water temperature falls within a differential temperature below the high limit setting. It maintains a general temperature to boil the water inside of the kettle.

Low Limit Setting:

A thermostat also has a low limit setting of temperature as it has a high limit setting. Like the first function, you can easily adjust it depending on your choice.

Once the water temperature gets below the low limit setting, the heating element starts heating the inside liquid of the electric kettle to maintain the desired temperature.

What if you set the temperature too high?

Well if you set the temperature of your electric kettle too high, the chain of function would be like this at below:

Power supply > thermostat high set temperature > transistor to send a high volume of electrical energy to the heating element > heating element creates a high amount of heat.

What if you set the temperature too low?

On the flip side, if you set the temperature low then it would be like this:

Power supply > thermostat low set temperature > transistor to send a low volume of electricity to the heating element > heating element produces a low amount of heat.

Final Recommendation:

As you have seen above, an electric kettle comes with several advantages. Therefore, the number of electric kettle users are rapidly increasing in the last decades. We hope you are now enough clear about the activity of it.

If you still get any hesitation in your mind or face any kind of problem while adjusting the attached functions of your electric kettle, then you can write your important words in the comments section below.

Because we would like to hear from you as always. If you also have any known people who face this kind of issue, can share this blog post with these people so that they can get help from it.