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Many researchers ask, Can Electric Kettle Be Used for Boiling Milk?

This is a very common question that I usually get from electric kettle users. And they also tell me if an electric kettle can be used to boil water, then why is it not also possible for boiling milk?

Well, sounds like a logical question, isn’t it? It does not wait to say that using an electric kettle makes our life more convenient than ever before. It serves us warm water instantly and we can be filtering the temperature range upon our interests.

But if you want to boil milk in an electric kettle, you should worry at least about your messy kitchen. Doing so, milk will leave a worse mess inside of the kettle; consequently, your machine could be damaged.

You cannot prepare your favorite coffee or tea easily, but it is possible to get warm water for preparing soups, boiling eggs, and so on. We find electric water kettle convenient for us because it saves our valuable time and sometimes we think whether this machine can be used to boil milk or not.

Therefore, my answer to this question is “no” and you should not try to do this. However, we will let you know how your electric kettle is damaged if you start boiling milk using this machine.

Moreover, what could be the potential dangers and if you still want to boil milk then how can you save your electric kettle from being damaged?

A brief explanation: How does an electric kettle work?

If you are wondering whether an electric kettle can be used to boil milk or not, it means you do not know how an electric kettle works. Therefore, I will briefly explain how this electric kettle small kitchen appliance works.

An electric kettle consists of a heating element that looks like a coil of metal. It can be seen at the bottom of the kettle in most brands. The metal coil is hidden under a plate.

When you plug in an electric kettle, electrical energy will flow through the metal coil that produces hits to boil inside the liquid of the kettle. The metal coil can draw a huge amount of electricity so you can boil water within 2-3 minutes.

Instant electric kettles on Amazon are also available to boil water for less than 1 minute. Water boils, when this appliance produces steam. The thermostat controls the temperature of the heating element that triggers the auto-shutdown of the current.

Many electric kettles are designed with advanced thermostat functions that heat water within a precise temperature as well as hold it there for some time. If you are curious to know more about how the electric kettle works, read my previous blog on it.

Are electric kettles designed to boil milk?

The straight answer to this question is no. Electric kettles are not suitable for boiling milk because these devices are not designed for it.

Electric kettles are used for heating water. These are the potential reasons why we should not use our electric kettles for boiling milk.

Electric kettle won’t shut down while burning the milk:

This is one of the most important points for this topic so I would like to keep it in the first position. The electric kettle device is designed with an auto shutting down option when the steam reaches its expected level of temperature of the kettle.

But due to the layer of protein and fat from milk, the steam cannot come out properly as it should. For this reason, electric kettles do not go for the auto shut down function as it can do while boiling water.

Consequently, it keeps continuing to boil the milk until the liquid is entirely evaporated as well as the fat and protein burnt inside.

Milk can be spilled over instead of evaporating:

Water and milk both have different properties, which means milk does not evaporate when boiled as water does. Milk can be spilled over instead of evaporating. Milk is a mixture of protein, water, and fats and the protein and fats have separate water.

So, when milk heated the forming layer of protein and fats above the liquid prevented being evaporated.

Therefore, milk boils over, and the flow of liquid cases short circuits can happen in the electric base of the kettle. As a consequence, your electric kettle can be damaged.

Milk may leave residues behind:

As we told you before, milk contains protein and fat so these ingredients would be stuck inside of the kettle when heated. If your kettle is not designed well to scrub every surface easily, then these sticky traces would be tough to remove properly.

Because it will stick inside part of the carnies and nook of your electric kettle that could be harmful to the functionality of it ultimately. The milk deposits on heat sensors can inhibit their functioning.

A malodor smell:

Milk not only leaves layers as traces behind making that difficult to clean up, but the burnt milk also leaves a malodor smell.

You can compromise it with burnt cheese in your electric kettle that ruins the flavor and taste of other drinks.

Normally, an electric kettle is not suitable to boil milk due to the several reasons discussed above. However, still there are many kettles that you can use to warm milk along with water.

Boil milk in the kettle:

If you still want to boil milk using an electric kettle, then there are few ways of doing that. First, do not put the lid on. Because the lid must create pressure and we know that milk expands that may boil over.

You can shut down the kettle before milk expands, preventing a great mess without using a lid. Another method is indirect heat. Put small water in the kettle and take milk in a glass that is made from steel.

After that, place it inside of the kettle with water. When you plugin, water will start boiling and the water will warm the milk without leaving any kind of residues behind or without being milk burnt.

Above all, we do not recommend boiling milk using an electric kettle machine unless you have a kettle that is designed for milk boiling.

Final Recommendation:

Milk does not evaporate like water; this means milk may boil over causing a short circuit of the electricity base of the kettle. The milk protein and fat stick to the inside wall and base of the kettle that may burn them.

So, do not try to use every kettle for boiling milk. Hope there is no confusion about the question, Can Electric Kettle Be Used for Boiling Milk? If you have any questions on your mind regarding this topic, write to us in the comments section below. Stay tuned for the next updates.