Tips on how to keep blender bottles dishwasher safe.

Nowadays, blender bottles can be seen as one of the most popular items for people’s kitchens that many households love to use. These kinds of bottles using for shaking up great protein shakes. But this question arises in our minds, Are Blender Bottles Dishwasher Safe?

Moreover, it can be used to make different kinds of beverages from smoothies to sports drinks as well as iced coffees. Many readers usually ask me this question that whether blender bottle dishwashers safe for health or not?

Therefore, in this article, we’ll discuss and explore whether blender bottles are safe for health or not. Even, we will give you some amazing ways and tips as well that you can follow to make sure of yourself that you get the cleanest bottle to use.

Blender Bottles:

Blender bottles consist of a plastic bottle or cup with a highly tight-fitting lid regardless of the brand. The blender bottles contain a spiral steel surgical mixing ball.

It allows you to mix up any kind of beverage entirely from great protein shakes to regular fruit juices and smoothies as well. Since it does not require electricity, blender bottles are a great alternative source for portable electric blenders.

It requires some vigorous protein shaking. Of course, there is an inconvenience of using blender bottles instead of using electronic blenders which cannot be extract nutrients fully. Even, this bottle is not able to extract flavors from vegetables and fruits and always leave some of the pulps.

You can see that most of the blender bottle users bring it along to the gym while they go to gym centers. They take these bottles along to the gym to make their protein shakes. Some of them take whisk eggs, salad dressings, iced coffee even mix up pancake batter if they like to have.

Using a blender bottle, a little bottle can be used for all the protein shaking you need.

What makes a blender bottle dishwasher safe?

As I told you just before that blender bottles contain surgical steel stainless grade blenders mix up the ball with a wire whisk. Smoothing out the drink mixers as well as meal ingredients is the main purpose to move around the blender bottle.

This type of blender bottle works well with fiber drinks, smoothies, protein shakes, and so on. All of the pieces of blender bottles are dishwasher safe. It is recommended to use the top rack for the cup and lid while putting them inside the dishwasher safe.

The wire whisk and blender bottles are placed in the silverware bin to clean up. We can use our hands to wash the blender bottle using warm water and soap. Some of the protein shakes at the bottom of the bottle leave some residue.

Also, there are protein shakes (nutrition) that blend to leave a bad odor from the bottle. However, if you left inside for a long time, bottles might look discolor and produce some kind of bad smell.

The left odor in the bottle can be removed through the dishwasher where protein and nutrition shakes are solely responsible. In this regard, you have to improve some of the other methods.

For example, you could use a piece of newspaper or a briquette and roll the charcoal briquette into the newspaper. Hence you can put it inside of the blender bottle. To remove contents, put the lid back and allow it to stay like this for a few days.

After that, clean the protein shaker cup with soap and warm water. White vinegar and baking soda can be added to the bottle. By doing so, you can get rid of the bad odor. Hence, wash it but uncover it with the flip cup.

Make sure when the blend liquids, the rinse makes them out just after the use of it. It can give special attention to retaining an odor after using it. And just like the other cups, you can wash them with your hands.

The cup storage can be cleaned with soap and warm water to make sure these are not accumulated from bad smells or stubborn stains.

Clean up Blender Bottles Properly:

Generally, it is very easy to clean up blender bottles that anyone can do. If you wash this bottle before and after use of it would be good to use it for a long time. This is our high recommendation that you should not be left any protein shakes in your blender bottle.

This can deteriorate the bottle quickly if you leave an unpleasant smell. And you know, an unpleasant smell is more unpleasant to clean up. It can be seen that most of the blender bottles are able of being washed in a dishwasher.

However, many people ask me why it should be placed at the top of the rack? My answer is the blender bottle is not designed to be cleaner basically but delicate and you can do it with warm water and soap.

And bear in mind that that top rack is safe for blender bottles. You can wash blender bottles with the dishwasher altogether with your hand if you do have enough trust in the dishwasher.

Remove bottle odors:

One of the worst things that I have ever experienced happens when a blender bottle is continuously using without being washed. Doing, so different kinds of bad odors create into the bottle that gives us an unpleasant experience while washing it.

This is down to all types of ingredients that use in the blender bottles over and over time with some of the stronger smells. For example, you can take onions or garlic smells as examples and keep them remained into a bottle for a while.

Hence, you can smell and let me know about your experience in the comments section below. However, don’t be worry because I’ve good and effective solutions for you. To remove the bad smell, fill up your bottle with baking soda with a little vinegar.

Then you can keep it for a night. Doing so will help you to remove those kinds of stronger bad scents. Another piece of advice for you is to remove bad scents, sprinkle a small piece of paper, and take water.

After that, place a few drops of vanilla to extract. Hence sit them into the bottle for a while. Let them stay for around a day to make this trick successful as well as remove bad smell together.

Lastly, a final tip that you can use also is to place damp coffee grounds into the jar. Afterward, seal it and let it stay overnight to remove the pesky scents that are stuck in your blender bottle.

Disinfect your blender bottle:

If you want to make your blender bottle free from odor then disinfect it would be a nice idea. One of the things that many people usually ignore that they tend to disinfect the blender.

The reason is they do not like to take all the parts of it to scrub inside. Above all, it looks like a messy job. Many parts of the ingredients want to stick to the blender and this is what people put off usually.

However, there is a method that anyone can fairly as well as quickly disinfect it simply includes a bar of soap, a bit of lukewarm, and a couple of minutes.

A drop of vinegar and lemon are also recommended for a squeakier clean but this is not necessarily entirely. Just follow the steps below:

  • Fill up your blender bottle about halfway from tap water with lukewarm.
  • Take a dish soap’s spot that is not too harsh.
  • Turn on the blender and lets it rinse through.
  • Hence, make on the blender for around 15 seconds.
  • Lastly, pour out the remaining water to let it rinse.

Thus, you will have a clean, fresh blender bottle that would be ready to use with no annoying bad scents.


If you have your blender bottle then you should be aware that it should be washed with hot liquid water. Moreover, it also should not contain hot drinks such as coffee-like protein shakes which are not designed for it.

This means if hot water or hot coffee placed inside of this bottle, then the flip cap of the bottle would be damaged due to pressure from the person holding it.

Final Verdict:

If you have your blender bottle, keep it as fresh and clean as possible. Do not forget to wash it before and after each use. And never leave anything that remained in the bottle to rot.

You can also wash your bottle with a dishwasher as long as they are on the top of the rack. In this way, you can keep your blender bottle safe and use it for a long period.

We hope that our guide has been greatly helped you and you came to know how to better look at your blender bottle before and after each use. If you have any confusion about “Are Blender Bottles Dishwasher Safe?” then contact us without hesitation.